Minnesota Turf Care, Inc.

Upfront Pricing

    Many lawn care companies employ teenagers to call you around dinner time and solicit a "free estimate".  Then they send high pressure salespeople to the door to create concerns with every potential disaster your lawn could face in a season and then attempt to sell you all of the services they offer. 

    Still others send you an expensive looking (package) of junk mail with a lower 'teaser rate' already attached.  Then you wait for your first treatment to done only to find out that 'teaser rate' only covers a third of your yard and the price skyrockets to double or triple what you were originally led to believe was the final price.

That is not how we do things at Minnesota Turf Care

    Although we are often referred by our clients to their neighbors & friends, sometimes we distribute our brochures in areas in which we wish to expand.  The price on the those brochures represent our final price, not a 'teaser rate'.  It is based primarily on the average lawn size of that neighborhood and the number of clients we already have in that area.

    There are no hidden costs in our program.  Unlike most of our competitors, we will not phone solicit you throughout the season in an attempt to 'up sell' you supplemental treatments.  Your account is automatically renewed from season to season. If you would like to cancel services you can do so at any time without penalty.  Any services that have been prepaid for but have not been received at the time the account is cancelled will be promptly refunded.