Minnesota Turf Care, Inc.

Experienced Staff

    Our licensed, bonded & insured applicators are the true backbone of Minnesota Turf Care.  Averaging over 10 years of customer service and/or turf management experience each, our ability to provide such experience to our clients gives us a great advantage over our competitors.
    By retaining those individuals and allowing them to develop relationships with their clients from application to application- season to season, allows us to say we truly offer experienced & personalized service others can't.
    By providing our applicators with superior equipment, materials & no quotas they are able to take their time and concentrate on doing whatever it takes to obtain the results our clients expect.  All applications are done in a safe, environmentally conscience manor.  They will not apply in conditions such as high winds or heavy rains when the risk of material drift or reduced effectiveness is likely.
    If they need to convey any additional information or clarify instructions they'll take the time to either hand-write notes on the treatment record or follow-up with a phone call or email the same day.  Even things like removing children's toys before the treatment to blowing off the granular fertilizer from the sidewalk & driveway afterwards speaks to the commitment our staff has to "service".

Owner / Operators


Bob Hufford
                     co-founder of Minnesota Turf Care
                     in the lawncare industry since 1987 
                     licensed applicator- manages clients in the Lakeville area

Chris Schrupp
                  co-founder of Minnesota Turf Care
                     in the lawncare industry since 1988
                     licensed applicator- manages commercial applications

                                              Office Manager

Shawn Schrupp
                  office manager since 1994
Steve Wood
                         licensed applicator since 1992 
                         manages clients in the north metro
                     database / website manager

Chad Haugen
                         Penn State Graduate- Turf Management
                         licensed applicator since 1995
                         manages clients in the west metro

Steve Trusty
                      in the service industry since 1985
                         licensed applicator since 2006
                     manages clients in the southwest metro

Chad Zachmann
                     Iowa State graduate- Turf Management
                     licensed applicator since 1999
                     manages clients in the northwest metro

Jon Ulrich
                      in the agriculture industry since 1982
                          licensed applicator since 2010
                          manages clients in the south metro 

Bryan Haraldson    
                       Associates Degree - Turf Management
                       licensed applicator since 1998
                       manages clients in the south metro

Matt Kvam
                           licensed applicator since 2007
                           manages clients in the west metro

Jason Kvam
                           licensed applicator since 2007
                           manages clients in the west metro